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Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals


Included in this course:

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is a comprehensive course for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense. The course is a complete guide to understanding conflict avoidance and situational awareness; home security and home defense; handgun, shotgun and AR-15 basics; shooting fundamentals; the physiology of violent encounters; the legal aspects of using deadly force (including knowing what to do in the aftermath); and a complete guide on gear, gadgets, and ongoing training.

Class Duration: 5 Hours

Location Setting: Classroom Only

Note:  No Range time

 Home Defense


Included in this course:

This course equips you in firearms abilities, home security, knowledge of laws, and the aftermath of violent encounters. This course covers fundamentals of Basic Handgun, but then builds with more specifics regarding Home Defense firearms and issues, gear and storage options, as well as laws of home defense.

Class Duration: 2 Hours

Location Setting: Classroom

Note: No Range time, may include virtual training 

USCCA Basic & Advanced Handgun Shooting Fundamentals


Included in this course:

Self Defense Firearms Basics

Understanding Semi-Automatics

Understanding Revolvers

Understanding Modern Striker-Fired Handguns

Gun and Ammo Malfunctions and how to deal with them

Selecting a Handgun & Ammo


Shooting Fundamentals: Defensive shooting versus Marksmanship, Grip, Shooting Platform, Aligning the Muzzle to Target, Point Shooting, Un-sighted/Sighted Fire, Flash Sight Picture, Trigger Control 


Basic and Advanced Skills: Creating a Training Program, Dry Firing, Active Shooting Drills, and more...

Class Duration: 5-6 Hours

Location Setting: Classroom & Range

Note: Range time and class may fall on different days.

Ongoing USCCA Courses & Classes

provided by

Akoben Solutions

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