Firearms Personal Defense

Akoben Solutions provides you with the opportunity to engage in various areas for your Firearms Personal Defense training and resource.

All programs are customized for your Firearms learning experience and Personal Defense needs.

Class Sessions:

  • Online & In Person Classes

  • Increasing your situational awareness 

  • Defining and responding to various threat levels

  • Selecting your Defense Weapons

  • And More...


Range Sessions:

  • Training with your Defensive Weapon

  • Basic shooting drills

  • Defensive shooting training

  • Individual/Team Skill Building

  • And More...



Virtual/Indoor Training:

  • Dry fire skills

  • Virtual Range training

  • Defensive shooting scenarios

  • Simulated training sessions...

Need more information in order to schedule your personalized session. Don't hesitate to contact us and get your Firearms Personal Defense in motion.

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