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Survival & Preparedness

Tactical Education & Training

Online Classes - Workshops - Presentations

Courses and Individual Classes provided here are customized to engage a variety of Survival Skill sets or Living Skills for both Urban & Wilderness Survival.

Courses: Provided via multiple online class sessions

Class Duration: Online sessions 1 1/2 - 2 hr 

In person sessions: Performed as day courses or survival camp training

Note: In person session and online classes may fall on different days.

Appropriate for Youth, Adults, Individuals, Families, Groups & all Skill Levels

** Contact Here for Consultation, Scheduling and Pricing **


Introduction to Survival & Preparedness

Developing a Preparedness Cycle

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Establishing and Maintaining a Survival Plan

Knowledge - Skills - Abilities

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Crisis Preparedness

Team Building Skills

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Navigational Skills

Gear - Products - Supplies


Keep in touch here for special presentations and offers, or contact us and learn how to participate in classes & workshops that will help you to increase you survival success!

" If You Fail to Plan, Then You Plan to Fail"

** Contact Here for Consultation, Scheduling and Pricing **

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